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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

the cooking project part 1

Through these past days, I've been craving over food that have been hidden way back in my head. And if you're wondering, no, I'm not pregnant. I'm just going to blame this on my second round of the film Julie & Julia. I recall pulling out recipes I wanted to eat after watching the DVD. Then I thought, why not give myself a project. Plus, I need to learn to cook more various menus anyway. My dish-list consists of Asian dishes except for a breakfast casserole which looked so easy to make. So, my project target will be 5 dishes with a time span of 1 week starting from today. This includes taking a serious nice picture of each dish for proof. What's to cook (and can't wait to eat!): 
1. Lumpia sayur (vegetable spring rolls)
2. Asem-asem (sour vegetable and meat dish)
3. Soto ayam (a chicken turmeric soup)
4. Spicy tofu 
5. Breakfast casserole. 
The order of making shouldn't matter. Okay, here we go. Wish me luck!
Images: from around the web
photoshop by sheila

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

red bottoms, please!

I need red jeans... or red culottes... and pair it with those aviators... and try to pull that look. I never thought I would ever want to wear red for trousers, but now I suddenly do. They would make any simple t-shirt or blouse look fancier. Plus, they'd really brighten up these gloomy days of dark clouds and rain. 

Thursday, November 3, 2011

strawberry choco dips

My strawberry dipped-into-chocolate-snack for the Icip-Icip article I made years back. This would make a lovely sweet-sour snack for this particular hour, don't you think? Right, with a glass of iced coffee, please! 
How to make: Melt a block of dark chocolate in a bowl on top of a boiling pan. Make sure no water drips in to the chocolate. Dip in your washed strawberries in to the chocolate and leave to rest on a plate. After all done, refrigerate all berries until the chocolate has hardened. 
Photo taken by: Yuniardi P.