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Thursday, July 22, 2010

fabian's circus party

He turned one. And my dream to throw a circus party finally came true. We threw him his party on the exact date he was born. How time flies!  But due to copywriting and translation projects I agreed to work on some time before the party made me miss a few things that I wish I had more effort in making them complete the party. Oh well, no use in regreting. Here's some of the party props and the pics on how the party went. Enjoy!

I made sure the fonts for the invitations were circus themed. I used the Circus, Carnivalee Freakshow, and JFRingmaster Font I downloaded here.
I attached self made coupons on each invitation. Like being at a carnival, the kids were free to swap a coupon with snack and goodies. There were pink and white candy floss (Gula gula), strawberry and chocolate ice cream (es krim) and goodie bags filled with food, milk, and a drawing book with coloring pencils for the kids to take home. 
I ordered the clown cake from my sister. The face is covered with white chocolate and everything on and surround it are sweet treats. Isn't it just perfect?!

My mom made the clown suit. She did a great job! Now, I should learn from her how to make such cute outfits in just so little time.

I printed these and the had them enlarged at the photocopies. Then I decorated them with crepe paper. These were stuck near to where the children could swap their coupons. 
The entertainment. I hired two of these "odong-odong" for the kids to freely take turns in riding. It was a big hit. The queue was quite long :) I actually had a carrousel in mind, but that was quite impossible :P

The Party
At the end of the day, what was left was one tired baby, and two happy parents :)