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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

meet mikaela

Our newest member of the family. We welcomed a healthy baby girl last November and named her Mikaela. She weighed 2,7 kilos and measured 48cm at birth. She is everything we imagined. Now at 1 month, she's already cooing and starting to smile in response to us. It's a whole new experience again, like I almost forgot how it is having a baby. I and husband and Fabian are thrilled to have her and can't get enough of her. Grow happy, healthy, and wise, Mikaela. We love you!

Big brother loves little sister :)

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

season greetings

 So it's Christmas! Happy holidays and season greetings from me here to those who celebrate. I hope you had a merry one with laughter, family, and friends. I'm having fun enjoying the holidays with my family chillin' and adapting with our newest member of the family. Love.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

ullen sentalu


  Lush gardens in between areas of display at the museum
 The View from Beukenhof Resto

 Classic colonial interior at the Beukenhof Resto

The holidays are here and many of us in Indonesia tend to spend them at their home town. Mine is Jogja. So, incase you plan to head there, please do visit this place - a museum of Javanese art and culture, named Ullen Sentalu. The museum is located far north in the tourist area of Kaliurang where it holds carefully chosen eclectic artifacts. A tour guide will lead your group and explain the wonderful display. The building itself is like a castle and is dominated by the beautiful architecture that aims to harmonize human with nature. At the end of this tour, you will also reach Beukenhof Restaurant that is also located in the area where visitors can dine in a building designed in the style of colonial architecture. Also their boutique selling a variety of beautiful batik clothing and other lovely ornaments and handcrafts. 

This was my second time to visit the museum and was surprised by how the area has expanded since the last time. I personally think this is a great place to visit with family. Even my toddler enjoyed it! The ticket entrance for adults is IDR25.000 and free for children under 5 years. Seriously, highly recommended. Above are a few pictures of only areas we were allowed to capture at the museum.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

hello, i'm still here!

Alive and breathing. So it's obvious I've been blog blocked for months now but finally back to blog land. Reaching the end of this year, many things have happened since my last post (including welcoming that cutie in my left arm) and I have many posts on hold at the back of my head.

Meanwhile, I want to shout out a Happy Mothers Day, as it is here in Indonesia, to all you awesome moms out there. I myself couldn't be happier to be the mother of these two darlings of mine.