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Friday, April 30, 2010

nice fabric make pretty yo-yos

True. Especially the fabric Amesh of Dreamesh Living sent for her order of yo-yos. First batch is done and going in the post. Bye babies, take care all the way to Bintaro! :)

good words

by Caisee Montgomery of Maddox+Klaus via design is mine

Now, the last words don't define my motto. How I price my work definitely depends on many factors. Really. Hihihi.

Friday, April 23, 2010

take a seat

On one of these chairs? Yes, please. Especially if I can take them home after that. These chairs caught me. Similarly, they all have a touch of wood in them - half modern with vintage design. And the bold colors just make them even more interesting. I'm liking them a lot.

Turqoise wins the color of this chair found via decor8

Don't you just love that chair? This is Marcus O'Reilly architecture found via desiretoinspire

That chair on the right reminds me of something my grandma has. Looks just great at Neryl Walker's residence via design*sponge.

Monday, April 19, 2010

kitchen treasure

Wouldn't you love to have these lovelies stacked away in your kitchen? 

bright and beautiful

odd and country style

pastel and candy

eyes for cats

Just like the mama, the kid has eyes for cats. We flew to Jogja for the weekend and guess who had a great time with the four-legged-furries? Fabian just sat in his stroller watching and laughing at the cats as they were licking themselves. It must have been a funny sight for him - furry things passing by. Cute stuff.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

healthy smoothie

I hope not too late for an easy Icip-icip recipe shot by Rici Linde:) This smoothie consists mango, kiwi, orange, and plain yogurt. No need to add sugar because if your mango is all sweet and ripe, that will give you the sweet taste. What you do is cut up the fruits and blend together with a bit of ice cubes plus the yogurt. And you're done. It's real healthy and definitely a fresh treat for an April Summers day.

Monday, April 5, 2010

something nice and green legged

Surely not an insect, but something else I got at the garage sale. Some would say I'm being compulsive, but I would call it investing :P For what? My future house, whenever, where ever... A girl can dream, right? So it was when I bought the aqua table, I also spotted this dinning table. It was closest to what I imagined of my dining table to be - nothing fancy, simple, birch wooden, big and sturdy, no sharp edges so that it has little risk in hurting little feet. Okay, the last reason was a bonus I realized later. I immediately pictured that many activities could be done here: dining (of course), writing, drawing, and reading. And you know, when you picture things, that means it's a good sign to go ahead, no? To my point of view that is. 

But since I didn't want to seem spending money on a one-time-go, I said to myself that maybe I shouldn't buy it now... not just yet. Give me a week and I'll came back. IF it's still there, then I consider that my destiny to take it home. IF it's not, I know I'd be bummed but I'll get through it. As you know now, it was still there. The problem then was, where to put it since I don't have my own house right now and I couldn't just bring something that big back at my in-laws. Long put short, I let me sister adopt and use it at her house till god knows when. I know she'll take care of it since she likes it too. She said something to me that got me thinking, "Don't you feel all grown up buying real furniture?" Oh my... she's right. We've grown. But this particular grown up business is fun, coz now I have another grown up project to do: find matching or even odd chairs - I don't mind - that would fit that table. Isn't that fun or what? Now, I first saw these Bentwood chairs on ish and chi and then saw a whole bunch more on little green notebook. I think I'm starting to love them, plus how come they found them so cheap? I think they surely would go nice with my table:)

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