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Monday, April 5, 2010

something nice and green legged

Surely not an insect, but something else I got at the garage sale. Some would say I'm being compulsive, but I would call it investing :P For what? My future house, whenever, where ever... A girl can dream, right? So it was when I bought the aqua table, I also spotted this dinning table. It was closest to what I imagined of my dining table to be - nothing fancy, simple, birch wooden, big and sturdy, no sharp edges so that it has little risk in hurting little feet. Okay, the last reason was a bonus I realized later. I immediately pictured that many activities could be done here: dining (of course), writing, drawing, and reading. And you know, when you picture things, that means it's a good sign to go ahead, no? To my point of view that is. 

But since I didn't want to seem spending money on a one-time-go, I said to myself that maybe I shouldn't buy it now... not just yet. Give me a week and I'll came back. IF it's still there, then I consider that my destiny to take it home. IF it's not, I know I'd be bummed but I'll get through it. As you know now, it was still there. The problem then was, where to put it since I don't have my own house right now and I couldn't just bring something that big back at my in-laws. Long put short, I let me sister adopt and use it at her house till god knows when. I know she'll take care of it since she likes it too. She said something to me that got me thinking, "Don't you feel all grown up buying real furniture?" Oh my... she's right. We've grown. But this particular grown up business is fun, coz now I have another grown up project to do: find matching or even odd chairs - I don't mind - that would fit that table. Isn't that fun or what? Now, I first saw these Bentwood chairs on ish and chi and then saw a whole bunch more on little green notebook. I think I'm starting to love them, plus how come they found them so cheap? I think they surely would go nice with my table:)

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