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Friday, December 31, 2010

breakfast today

We had fish cakes this morning. Actually I made them yesterday and now that's the thing I like about this recipe, because you can make a lot at once and then store them frozen. Whenever you want to eat them, all you need to do is defrost and fry. Though this is my first try, I was happy with the results. What was missing was the lemon zest since I didn't have lemon anywhere in the fridge. I got my recipe here but substituted the salmon to snapper fish and added bread crumbs to the outer side of the cake. I used an easier step to Jamie's way of doing it. Instead of boiling the potatoes separately, I steamed them all together with the fish. I think I saved time there :) I think this is a great (meaning simple and super easy) way to cook fish, plus children love it. Willing to try? Do! Oh yeah, have a great new years eve!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

retro refrigerators

Being a regular reader at the food sites and home blogs, I couldn't help noticing some really cool kitchen appliances. The retro fridges seen here and here were like love at first sight. It's such a pitty that I don't find retro model fridges here where I live. But I'm telling you electronic companies, if you do sell retro kind of appliances, they do and will sell. Move over sleek metal high-fashioned boring fridges! Ha..ha..ha.. Right now, I can only dream living in UK, US and Australia where you can purchase these awesome refrigerators at Smeg Retro or Elmira Stove Works. Forget trying to ship them here, coz not only will it cost a fortune but the specifications and electrical requirements most likely won't match. Okay, this leaves me singing:  "Dream on, dream away... " :) They are pretty aren't they?

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

for the love of food

That's why I can't stop browsing recipes and food websites. To find out the ingredients, yes, but moreover just to see how they style the food. You know, what kind of serve ware they use, whether it's rustic or modern, and the kinds of props used to support the picture. It's surprising when only a fork or a napkin makes the picture look much much better. Can't get enough of these websites. See for yourself!
Donna Hay. When has a single fortune cookie looked that interesting?
Jamie Oliver. Where do you find a chopping board that pretty?
Rachel Ray. An olive colored plate to match the olive relish on top of the sausage and matching napkins over at the back match the color majority of the food. A coincidence?

Friday, December 17, 2010

chocolate, please!

Today I got the 'chocolate attack'. After drooling over the caramel marshmallow via A CUP OF JO (and not being able to eat anything even close to that), my mind would not stay calm. It kept coming back to look at this picture and started to order the body to look through some chocolate recipes that caught me once. Oh, I should just get a Magnum Classic or something right now.
More to drool over
Homemade Twix Bars by Cupcakes and Cashmere

Buckeyes by Smitten Kitchen 

Magnum Classic by Walls Ice Cream


Monday, December 13, 2010

earring frames

What a great way to hang and frame your earrings? Especially if you're a fan of earrings. Great work at loft14 via MadeByGirl. I think it's genius. I guess all you need is a pretty frame and some wire sheet. How come I never thought of this? Did I say this is genius?

sunday brunch

An easy recipe - without having to use the oven. Now that's because I used ready made pizza dough ;) It's for brunch, you have kid, the husband is at home, you have to make things easier and simple, right? Ha ha ha... Easy peasy said, here's the recipe:
- 1 onion, chopped
- 4 white onions, smashed and chopped (for more flavor)
- 1/4 kg minced beef
- half a cup of mushrooms, chopped
- 3 large red tomatoes
- tomato ketchup, oregano, pepper, salt, to match your taste.
1. Saute the onions in 2 tablespoons of oil for half a minute then add in the beef until meat turns brown. Throw in the tomatoes and ketchup, then leave to soak a few minutes until all the juice from the tomatoes come out. Add the mushrooms and herbs, toss and turn for another 5 minutes. Set aside.
2. Poke both sides of pizza dough with a fork then spread with margarine. Add the topping and top with grated cheese. Do so til all pizzas are done.
3. Use a deep frying pan with a lid to substitute using an oven. Spread pan with margarine, heat the pan, put in pizzas, put the lid on, then bake for about 5 minutes. Once the bottom of the dough turns golden brown, you're done. Et voila! Told you it was easy :)