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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

retro refrigerators

Being a regular reader at the food sites and home blogs, I couldn't help noticing some really cool kitchen appliances. The retro fridges seen here and here were like love at first sight. It's such a pitty that I don't find retro model fridges here where I live. But I'm telling you electronic companies, if you do sell retro kind of appliances, they do and will sell. Move over sleek metal high-fashioned boring fridges! Ha..ha..ha.. Right now, I can only dream living in UK, US and Australia where you can purchase these awesome refrigerators at Smeg Retro or Elmira Stove Works. Forget trying to ship them here, coz not only will it cost a fortune but the specifications and electrical requirements most likely won't match. Okay, this leaves me singing:  "Dream on, dream away... " :) They are pretty aren't they?

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