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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Penny Bank

Here's a DIY article I did for Bunda Carrefour's blog. It's an easy-peasy project that your kid would like to help you with, and love to use in the end. All you need is a used potato chip tube package and fun paper. The photos tell them all. Let's recycle and get creative!
Items needed

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

newest obsession: red lipstick

Okay, I might be a bit behind this trend, but doesn't trends always repeat itself? So, I needed something to freshen up my look, especially after having my second child. Looking like a dead-momma is not appealing at all. And what works better than red lipstick? It's almost like magic. Who needs eyeshadow and blush anymore? I'm talking about those dates when you just have 5 minutes to get ready and go, with your baby in one hand and toddler in your other. It has been my savior for the last month and I'm loving it to bits. After a few try-outs with the red lipstick I have stacked but have only used to attend weddings, I finally found the one that I like the best - Bless lipstick in Cherry Red. Now, I wear it everywhere - on play dates, outings, even to pick up my son at school :) Bravo red lipstick! Now I get how you brighten up someones life :) Oh, and doesn't Olivia Palermo look gorgeous?

Photo: Google Images

Thursday, January 3, 2013

hello 2013!

Too bad the holidays have ended... but the new year has come! That means, it's a new start to plan all those little things you never got to do in the last year. Note to self. Last year of course was one of the best as baby Mikaela arrived and that just doesn't beat anything. Even our long-planned-booked-flights family vacation got threw out the window since I was 8 months pregnant by the time the departure date came and obviously was not allowed to fly. You see, I didn't know I was pregnant when I booked the non-refundable flight tickets. No regrets though, we can do it this year!

Anyway, we spent the last days of 2012 at Sentul, West Java - a lush green area just before Bogor that wasn't just a refreshment to the eyes but also the soul. We stayed at a resort on new years eve and spent the first day of the new year entertaining my first child - riding horses included. Here's some of the pictures if you'd like to see. I hope you too spent new years with your loved ones.