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Sunday, January 15, 2012

fiesta flavors

I recently realized that the colors I love mostly belong to the Fiesta palete.  Inspired by the Mexican culture, these colors are my kind of bright -- the not too much and still calming kind. Fiesta is also noted to be the multicolors popping in and out of the fashion runway this year. These pretty colors on (and off) clothes are just a really cool mix put all together. Now I know why they say "Fiesta Forever!" 
1--> Beautiful Mexican Placemats that are too pretty to use.
2--> Fiesta colors on the runway
3--> Taco's, delish Mexican food with delish colors. Here's the recipe.
4--> Imagine this fiestaware in your kitchen. Love!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

new year, new look: all that glitters!

My first post in 2012 is about the new look here at The Jot Pot. It has been two blogging years now and I thought the blog needs a good old makeover. Everything is easy here on blogger, there are many templates to choose from, but the tricky part was finding the right design I wanted for the header. I actually spent the whole day playing around with photoshop and adobe illustration, with the help of google of course. Just until a few hours ago I ended up with new header design and a clean look that I am loving. I find this so fun since it's like designing my own magazine - a thing I really miss after working for years in printed media. Overall, I'm really happy with the result of The (new) Jot Pot :)
So! it's the 12th day of January and behind those gold curtains of glitter, I am wishing you a great year ahead with many happy things coming along. I'm optimistic for this year and waiting for so many good surprises. Happy new year, good people! 
Image by Aaron Cobbet via Getty Images