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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

hanky lovin'

I'm rather a tissue person than a hanky person, but this collection is an exception. I accidentally found these pretty girls years back at a flea market at Pasar Baru. And I got them for almost nothing - super cheapo! Some of them are branded too, or so that's what is printed on the fabric that is. I found an Yves Saint Laurent, a Laura Ashley, a Wedgwood, and a Kenzo. The question whether they are genuine remains a mystery. But that doesn't matter. They're so pretty, don't you think? Here are my three favorites.

I love the yellow frame around the piece. So summery! Oh, this one is a Kenzo :)

Don't you love the retro flowers? This one is a Pierre Balmain.

I love Laura Ashley and maybe that's why I subjectively like this one. But you do agree that the detailed edges are nice, don't you?

I really don't know what I'll do with these lovelies. I think they are too pretty to be cut out for a project. But they are too nice to just be stacked away. Maybe I'll do something like this pillow project from fjspillows or maybe not. What I definitely want to do is go back to that flea market and get some more. Pasar Baru, anyone?

Saturday, November 21, 2009

5 reasons i want to go back to deutschland in autumn

1. So I can stroll through the falling leaves of this park leading to the city


2. So I can buy these flowers (and not only take a picture of them)


3. So I can take more pictures of the lovely buildings with the accent of different color leaves on the trees nearby

                                           Berlin & Bonn

4. So I can dine at this particular warm and vintage restaurant 

Redbull Restaurant

5. So I can drown myself in layers and wear my boots again


Friday, November 20, 2009

hey, birdy!

I wish I could make one of these blabla bird mobiles. I'm figuring it might do with the work of embroidery hoops, string, and felt. But how do you knit the birdies? How? How? 

Thursday, November 19, 2009

selamat ulang bulan

Which means, happy month-birth-date. Today, my baby turns four months and is as cute as ever. Selamat ulang bulan, Fabian. Mama and papa wish you the best of health and happiness. Me heart you more than you can imagine! XOXO

little farmer...

...will be the name of my baby line that I am preparing to sell online. Now that I have more time on my hands, I thought that I might start to invest in the convection business. Why do I choose baby clothes? Because right now I love to dress and see babies in effortlessly cute and comfortable clothing. The line will be about dressing simple and comfy. A good friend who has been a long player in the business is kind enough to guide me through the production process and the mister is in charge of making and running the e-shop. I myself am in charge (and having lots of fun too) designing baby bodysuits, tees, and bottoms that will go in to production hopefully real soon. The illustration above was a sketch of mine for the header of Little Farmer online shop. I know, it looks like an infants drawing and so that's why I'm having it polished by my dear talented-illustrator-friend. I'll let you know how she transformed it. Meanwhile, this is your sneak peak of some designs I fancy.

clothes by: H&M and GAP

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Twits

Despite that Mr & Mrs Twit are mean, nasty, cruel, smelly and ugly (haha). I'm still a fan of this particular Roald Dahl title. I have this exact first edition published in 1980, when then I was only one year old. My brother and sisters must remember this book too since we grew to quarrel over it a lot. Thanks to my mum and dad who cherish our childhood stuff - including books, work sheets, toys, and drawings - The Twits we own is still in one good piece in our little library at my parents house.

alif's party plan

My nephews birthday is coming up this December. But so it seems, my working and pregnant sister doesn't have enough energy to plan for it. So, I asked if I could help her plan it all. Ofcourse she said yes immediately and I went all excited. Here are two themes I'm interested in. Still wondering which one will fit for Alif, my nephew, and his parents too. But I was thinking of a really festive and lots of outdoor activities, coz my sister has quite a big garden and a bamboo stage that can me made use of. Which theme do you think rocks more: alphabets or circus?

photo courtesy: corbisimages.com

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


photo: doc. google images

You would probably have heard of this place if you are a fan of the film Serendipity and One Fine Day  – like I am. If you are, you would remember when Sara Thomas (Kate Beckinsale) ate ice cream with Jonathan Trager (John Cusack) at Serendipity's and experienced “seredipitatiousness” throughout the film, or when Melanie Parker (Michelle Pfeiffer) took Sammy and Maggie for a treat at Serendipity's when not long after that lost Maggie and cried at the police station mentioning that she hasn't paid the bills at Serendipity. Yes, I watched the films a million times. 

how can you not want to dine here?

photo: doc serendipity.com

Anyway, thanks to both of those films,  Serendipity has found itself another fan. I've fallen for the atmosphere and interior I think, but checking out the menu and variety of ice cream on the website is certainly a bonus. Plus, I just love the meaning of Serendipity – fortunate discoveries by accident. This is a dream destination. Oh, could someone please fly me to Manhattan, New York, already?

eat pray love

I was so inspired by this book. I can't agree more with Elizabeth Gilbert that you HAVE to figure out yourself and what you want or need in life and just DO it – in order to make you HAPPY. Totally inspired! And though I finished this book last year, the euphoria of it continues once I knew that they've already started to film it. Julia Roberts is on the cast and I bet it's going to be great. Can't wait to see it! 

Sunday, November 8, 2009

magnet display

Do you like to collect things? I do magnets. I collected these from my trips but many were also gifts from family & friends.

Instead of sticking them on to the fridge, I thought it would be nicer if they could be a part of wall decoration. Now, not having found the right stickable board, I came across this. 

This is actually the inside compartment of a pan steamer used to steam rice or potatoes. The great thing is, it's made from stainless steel so it draws magnets, it's sold separately (without the pan) in different sizes, and already has holes so that I needn't bother to ruin it by making a hole in it to hang up on the wall.

top: what about a B+?  bottom: my fav magnets from Indonesia

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

rattan land

This rattan market called Cikini is located near my former office. I practically have been passing this place for a year now by train on the way to the office, but only a while ago did I spare time to actually browse this place thoroughly. What I had in mind was that I could get myself a nice chest, a laundry basket, plus some of those storage compartments - all for a cheap price.

interesting stuff here

my finds

Mission accomplished! I didn't get the laundry basket, but I did get the rest for a really good deal. All together, it didn't cost more than 12 dollars. Now, how great is that? I'm planning to paint the chest white and add fabric to the inside. Hmm...we'll see how that goes. Meanwhile, I'm just plain happy with this trip to Cikini.

Monday, November 2, 2009

choco lolyna

I have always liked to cook and try out interesting recipes. When I get the time that is. Therefore I was lucky to be handling the 'yummy article' called "Icip-Icip" at CosmoGIRL!Indonesia Magazine for about 4 years. I loved the idea of coming up with simple recipes, create the photograph concept, and had so much fun styling the food so that they looked way more tastier than they really are. Yup, food-on-print have to make you drool. Here is my first favorite, Choco Lolyna, and I will continue to post my other favorites that were once published.

photo by Adi Nugroho