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Thursday, November 19, 2009

little farmer...

...will be the name of my baby line that I am preparing to sell online. Now that I have more time on my hands, I thought that I might start to invest in the convection business. Why do I choose baby clothes? Because right now I love to dress and see babies in effortlessly cute and comfortable clothing. The line will be about dressing simple and comfy. A good friend who has been a long player in the business is kind enough to guide me through the production process and the mister is in charge of making and running the e-shop. I myself am in charge (and having lots of fun too) designing baby bodysuits, tees, and bottoms that will go in to production hopefully real soon. The illustration above was a sketch of mine for the header of Little Farmer online shop. I know, it looks like an infants drawing and so that's why I'm having it polished by my dear talented-illustrator-friend. I'll let you know how she transformed it. Meanwhile, this is your sneak peak of some designs I fancy.

clothes by: H&M and GAP


  1. ela, i've been planning it too! tapi ada yg buat adults-nya juga, seru deh! kita bikin yuuuuk...

  2. yes wully, it's gonna be fun! ayo, mari berbisnis :)