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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

rattan land

This rattan market called Cikini is located near my former office. I practically have been passing this place for a year now by train on the way to the office, but only a while ago did I spare time to actually browse this place thoroughly. What I had in mind was that I could get myself a nice chest, a laundry basket, plus some of those storage compartments - all for a cheap price.

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Mission accomplished! I didn't get the laundry basket, but I did get the rest for a really good deal. All together, it didn't cost more than 12 dollars. Now, how great is that? I'm planning to paint the chest white and add fabric to the inside. Hmm...we'll see how that goes. Meanwhile, I'm just plain happy with this trip to Cikini.


  1. wow...mbak aku br kesana... ternyata murah ya? *semakin semangat nih... hehehe.... thanks for infonya ya :)

  2. iyaaa... murah meriah banget! harus pinter milih tapi, banyak yang udah stok lama soalnya. Met belanja :)

  3. Mbak Cila, ini beneran murah? uuwwaaaww, mauuuu!