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Sunday, August 1, 2010

eye spy

...with my little eye, something beginning with C. Give up already? It's Crazy Cool Chairs. Old chairs to be exact. Old chairs abandoned in the porch of my in laws neighbors house. Oh, they're so retro-ish but in awful condition. I'm hoping just the fabric, though. Hmm... yes, I think they need to be rescued. Now, I just have to get the courage to ask if they're for sale, if I can have them, and then if I can stack them at my in laws house :) I couldn't find the exact picture of what they look like, but they are a combination of the chairs below.
this beach-chair look here
some chairs over at  Apartment Therapy
It's the chair on the right I blogged about here. I think it's the most closest of what I can remember of them. I spy on them, remember? It definitely has the wood piece above the legs, and the legs are identical. 


  1. pasti matanya pake mrecing2 gitu deh tsk tsk :P

  2. oiya...tapi tentunya gak diperlihatkan, dong :P gayanya sih sambil bawa fabian jalan2. hihihi