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Friday, March 18, 2011


I'm blaming this for the lack of posts (my bad!) :p To make a long story short, I have made my mind up and am now running my online shop www.smolies.com , an online shop for baby and kids apparel. So other than writing, I'm also selling branded clothes, from bodysuits, tops and bottoms, to shoes, socks, and other cute stuff for babies, girls and boys. Therefore, the last two months I have been doing a whole lot of research, collecting products, dealing with wholesale dealers, photograping the products, editing the pictures, uploading them, and getting the online shop spick and span ready to run. The last bit I got a lot of help from the husband (thankgod).  I would have never knew how an online shop works and that they are that sophisticated. A lot to learn but do-able. And because what I'm selling are cute kids stuff, it doubles the fun. Last week, I launched smolies.com through its fanpage here and twitter account here. To suit its tagline, hopefully it shall be a little place for cute goods, only for your smallies :)

Below is a capture of www.smolies.com homepage. Come take a look and shop if you must ;)

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