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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

the car party

As planned, we threw Fabian's birthday Car Party two days ago. The one-and-a- half hour party was full of children and smiles, especially from the birthday boy. He was really happy surrounded by other little people :) I'm just happy that he had a good time dancing around, enjoying friends accompany, and that us parents didn't collapse before the party was over :D Here's the pictures of the party and also the party details. Enjoy!
Inspired by the Circus Party invites, I attached three flags on the invitation for the kids to swap with snacks and their goody bags.
I made car pencil toppers from felt to complete the goody bags. I followed a tutorial here but made it more simple by gluing them together rather than sewing ;) I also was inspired by the car toppers found here.
The goody packages were filled with basic stationary, writing books, and snacks.
Can you tell what these cones are supposed to represent? Yes, traffic cones! I cut out bright red paper and turned them into cones and deliberately secured them with masking tape for the white line effect. I knew I did a good job when Fabian woke up seeing them one morning and spontaneously said that they were like the ones in Toy Story... You know, the scene where the toys used them to cross the road? That made my day, alright! 
It was surprisingly hard to find checkered printed paper, so I printed a full A4 sheet in black and white checkered flags. Then, I photocopied them and cut them out into bunting flags to hang for decoration. With paper, everything is easier and also more cheap :)
These traffic signs where signs where the kids should "stop" to take a snack, sip, or goody bag :)
Unlike last years costume, this time I made it myself. Just the felt car application though. I cut out a car, windows, and wheels then stitched them on top of a t-shirt Fabian already had. After seeing the result, I think I'll cancel my thought of taking it off. At least for a while :) 
A lovely car cake made by my sister (again). The asphalt car track is made from crushed oreo biscuits. Brilliant! I added the checkered flags and traffic lights to make it more merrier. I loved it and so did everyone else since there was nothing left of the cake and it was only half way through the party!
The birthday boy!
More into the cake decoration than to blow out the candles, so us folks did it for him :)
I just had to ask the odong-odong to come again. I did ask if they had car shaped rides but, no, they don't. 
His line up of some of the presents by the end of the day. Hope the birthday boy and guests had a good time! :)


  1. Sheil creative bangettt...
    Happy Birthday (lagi) ya Fabian.. :*
    hehehe udah ngucapin di group BBM


  2. hihihi thanks again, ririn dear :*