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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

thirty two

That number is how old I turn exactly today. I'm feeling so surprised by how time flies, gosh! Today, I didn't plan for anything fancy. I did plan to cook a lasagna and cupcake but that didn't turn out due my lil' boy catching a fever :( Still, I feel blessed so much by the birthday wishes sent through to me and the positive people who surround and care about me. Love! Thank you!

Let me tell you a bit about the image I chose. It was pictures I took at my birthday surprise during a work trip to Germany, 4 years ago. The sponsors from Germany managed to find out it was my birthday and ordered cake and sparkles at a restaurant we stopped by before watching the Beethoven Orchestra in Bonn. As I was the birthday girl, I got to choose first between the variety of cake. I chose the spongecake with prune fillings. Oh, the taste and the view of the restaurant overlooking The Rhine River... It was a lovely lovely overseas surprise. I'm still smiling inside:)

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