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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

feline felicity

Louis Putchie Anna, Chloe, Axl, Izzy, Slash, Macca, Kukus, GongXi, Toula, Jess, Cosmo are the most popular cats my family ever had as a pet. I can name my cats friends and neighbors but it might be too long of a list. Toula and Cosmo aka Mow-Mow are the last two that still rule at my parents house, one other thing (besides meeting the family) that excites me when I go home to Yogyakarta.  Where I live now, I don't have a cat and that's why I miss these four legged creatures a lot.  Maybe I should drink my tea out of this cute cat mug  and imagine that one of the furry balls have their tail around my leg. Purr...

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