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Monday, January 11, 2010

guessing game

The rules: collect images for your answers and create a collage.

1. I would see a movie for the sole purpose of this actor/actress being in it.
2. This was apparently a big deal the year I was born.
3. My favorite musical instrument.
4. A place I want to visit before I die.
5. A movie I have practically memorized.
6. Another place I want to visit before I die.
7. A show I watched as a child and actually miss.
8. What I want to be when I grew up, and am still striving to be.
9. One other place I want to visit before I die.
10. The person who said my favorite quote.
11. My favorite thing to eat.
12. Something that makes me laugh a lot.

I found this while I was blogging and landed at Amy's home. What a fun way to know someone. Come on, guess what my answers are then your turn to collage! 

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