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Saturday, May 1, 2010

black floral skirt project

I adore this skirt I bought at a flea market for only 10.000 rupiahs. It used to be a routine outfit at the office back then :) I just love the lines adding accent around the classic flower prints. Even though the waist part doesn't fit me anymore (booo), I'm not at all planning to hand it down to anyone. Don't blame me for being a bit selfish, it's too pretty to let go.

Anyhow, blogging land has been kind in giving me ideas to keep the skirt in another form. Look what I found that I could definitely transform my skirt in to. 
Pillows inspired by interior design on Otthon Magazine via desiretoinspire 

Pillow creations by ByTheBy at etsy, found via ish and chi.

Cut out for display in a frame like these botanical prints on black paper found via little green notebook.

Which one shall I pick? I can picture them looking all so nice in my head. Oh no, now I'm confused. 

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