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Monday, May 24, 2010

dreamesh at home

You must love Amesh's creations for Dreamesh Living. I love the fabric prints and color combinations, which leaves me with no choice but to 'invite' these softies to stay at my place for good. 

The Tigari Pillow with an initial for Fabian to accompany him in his cot. Amesh actually gave this one for Fabian's way-too-early birthday present ;) We love it!

The patchwork pillow with vibrant colors. It brightens just about everything, everywhere.

The Poun. It's lightweight makes it easy to move and carry around. That's why it's never in one place, but it's usually in my room where I sit on to watch TV. Oh, and Fabian likes to push it around while learning to stand up straight. Multifunction I say! Hmm... now what else would Dreamesh Living have for me to adopt? Hee hee...