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Friday, November 19, 2010

pretty bowls

sold at etsy
image from white elephant
Yes, they're the vintage Pyrex bowls. How can one not want these pretties to fill in ones kitchen cabinet? I certainly want mine to be stacked with the whole vintage Pyrex collection - the ones that come in light pink, dark olive, and aqua. LOVE. My mother owns the daisy collection in olive but there is no chance stealing it. Well, maybe there is, but then I'd have to fight over it with my sisters who I'm sure have an eye on them too. Are you a vintage Pyrex lover? If you are, then check out the cool collection here.

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  1. gue berhasil ngembat satu punya bianca hihihihihihi.. ketinggalan di rumah gue dan gak pernah gue balikin HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!