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Saturday, June 18, 2011

good buys

I'm loving what I bought this mid-year. And one thing in common from all three: I got them all for a loving price :)
The Eames Fiber Dinning chair bought at Informa. It's price had just been reduced. Yayy! It would be one nice chair to sit at my garage sale dining table. Still dreaming when I can place them in my own house ;) 

Dreamesh Living's medium sized pouf. It is meant for the kid, but I also found out it makes a good pad for your laptop when you work sitting down on the floor. Perfect height. Thanks, Amesh!

Gold summer sandals I shopped online here. Do you know the 'Splurge VS Save' segment on Rachel Ray's show? Well, this is definitely the Save version. The Splurge version costs nearly four times as much! 

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