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Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Popperca is a cool shop my sister and I found in Jogja. It sells cute creative stuff -from stuffed toys, hats, laptop holders, to tops and dresses- made from printed cotton fabric or left over material. I find this shop amusing! Located in the centre of Jogja, in a quiet neighborhood, this shop will make you want to stay longer. If you ever visit Jogja, you should stop by just to look around. But with everything cute and the reasonable prices there, you are bound to step out with something. The first picture is what I got: a shopping bag, two stuffed rabbits with attachable keyrings, and a small purse. Luv it! Popperca is located at Jl. Sagan III No.5 Jogja :)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

eid this year

We spent this years Eid at my parents home in Jogja. I loved the feeling being home with family, taking Fabian to do the Eid Prayer, plus the menu for our Eid breakfast couldn't be more tempting :) Eid Mubarok!
Our lengendary menu of Ketupat and Opor with Semur Daging, Sayur Nangka made by Mum, plus Moussaka and Roti Cane made by myself. Even Toula (the cat) sat at the table waiting for her turn to dine.