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Sunday, December 27, 2009

the superhero party

I spent the day of Christmas at my nephews birthday party. The final theme? Not circus, not alphabets, but superhero! The little guy would not negotiate no more. Now, I know that superhero and pennant flags have nothing in common, but I made them anyway for the decoration. My sister was so pleased with them. I hung them outside and all around the house. Quite festive, eh?

The party was a success. Optimus Prime even made time to come - a big surprise for Alif the Spiderman birthday boy. As for Fabian, he came as Jack-Jack of The Incredibles without the mask. It was a really fun day, and all the superheroes were really tired by the end of the party. As you know, being a superhero isn't an easy job...

Left: Optimus Prime with all superheroes. Right: Jack-Jack aka Fabian. 

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