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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

last weekend

We went to Bogor last Sunday with my sister in law's family. Even though it's only an hour drive away, as always, the vibe is totally different: cool, relaxing, and refreshing. We headed straight to Kebun Raya Bogor (Plant Conservation Gardens), a lovely lush green space where we can admire the trees, plants, the lovely palace, historical pieces, and had a light picnic in the light sun. How I wish we had a park like this in Jakarta. The entrance ticket includes free entrance to the botanic gardens and the zoology museum. We were so lucky because the whole day was sunny, quite a rare treat since Bogor is famous as the 'rainy city' and I've always experienced rain every time I go there. But not last Sunday. After sitting and wondering through the gardens, we headed for a traditional Sundanese lunch at De Leuit, and topped off the outing at Tajur, the local bag industry complex just before heading home. Bogor never fails to refresh me, even if it's just for half a day. 

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