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Saturday, February 25, 2012

wishlist: new (white) work space

Images from the book "A Space of My Own" via decorology
Images from the book "A Space of My Own" via decorology

I am in need of a new desk and workspace. My old one is fine but it's in our room and I need another one outside the room for me to work throughout the day until afternoon when the air is nice and fresh, or whenever I'm bored working in my room at night. Not really necessary you say? Maybe, but it will make me happy to have a little nook to myself or be a new place to place my growing collection of knick-knacks. These white desks (up and below) have been haunting me. They would definitely make a clean and cozy work place. I bet I could sit there for hours and hours :) Plus, they would go great with my eames fiber chair that I haven't actually used properly since I bought it. I'm eyeing on one of these desks. A trip to the garage sale might be a good idea or maybe I'll get one tailor made for me? Let's see...

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