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Monday, March 5, 2012

toys of the 80's

If you're a girl and spent your early years of life in the 80's, then most of these toys may have made your days really happy. Don't they bring back so many good childhood memories? These were some of the best I had when I was a kid. The list could go on... there was Rainbow Brite, Popples, Glow Worm, etc. They all were awesome. I didn't have the Fisher Price Record Player and the Cabbage Patch Kids, though I wish I had, since everyone seemed to have them, but the rest we have and are stored safe and sound in our toy cupboard at my parents house. 
1. Fisher Price Record Player. How I'm wishing I had this. It would make a       lovely vintage toy for Fabian. 
2. Care Bears. Mine was the Bedtime Care Bear, a favorite toy I always carried around. I even cried when my sister made up a story that he (the care bear) was going to run away to my neighbors house.
3. Red from Fraggle Rock. Remember? They're just so funny! Sometimes scary, but entertaining.
4. The Cabbage Patch Crew. I remember the diversity of race they were trying to portray. Did you adopt one and sign the certificate?
5. View master. Brilliant! It's not exactly the iPad 2 but it definitely was wow-ing at the time. I could just sit there in the light gazing through it.
6. Sony Sports Walkman. If you had one of these, you were really cool! I think mine actually belonged to my brothers but then handed it down to us girls. Check out the bright yellow: shocking 80's!
7. My Little Pony. Mine was blue, I forgot its exact name though. Personally I think they have the best hair after Barbie :)
8. Glo Bugs. We got the whole batch! There's Granny Bug, Artist Bug, Snail Bug, etc. The one above is Butterfly Bug. They're really pretty in the dark, great accompany. Just don't forget to give them a nice sit under the sun or light for a brighter glow.
9. Fisher Price Phone. This classic is a lifetime keeper. My kid has been playing with it every time we go to my parents house. It still makes that quacking sound and its eyes still rolls around whenever its pulled. 

Now I know why my parents never gave away our toys. For us kids, it's great to look back upon them and the sweet memories of our childhood, and greater yet for the grandchildren, they don't have to bring toys whenever we visit. Can't wait to get a look at them again.  

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