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Friday, July 13, 2012

no news is good news

Really? In this case, yes. The absence of my blogging has a reason, and it's because I'm expecting my second child *fluttering still* :) Right now, I'm in my 22nd week but have just felt myself from only for a few weeks ago. Unlike my first pregnancy, this time around, the hormones seem more strong and the body feels easily exhausted, so I'm spoiling myself to bits by taking time to just lay down and do nothing. I really hope that because now I'm feeling less zombie and more human, I can get The Jot Pot up and running again. Hope the energy lasts *fingers crossed*. 

The Garfield Bump picture above was actually my first pregnancy. I always imagined to make those week by week pregnancy photos but my energy just wasn't there. Lets see what might happens in the remaining weeks of baking the bun.

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