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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Amazing Spider-Man

I just got to see the movie last night and found it really attractive. I personally think it's way much better than the Tobey Maguire series. I'm assuming because the storyline, settings, feels more fresh, and the fact that Peter Parker doesn't look dorky at all or maybe just because Andrew Garfield is such a hottie in this movie :) Here's 5 things I loved most about the film:
1. Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker. He gives the character a whole new personality. He already has the perfect built up body, he looks smart, he has the sense of humor, and his gestures just work without him trying too hard. Despite all that, maybe it's just because he looks so much like my all-time-crush, Adam Brody :)
2.  Gwen Stacey played by Emma Stone. They couldn't of found a better person. She has the persona of a smart schoolgirl. And the attire she wears that show off the classic girl of the 60's.
3. The fact that Spidey always brings his backpack with him. It creates the feel that this time Spidey is more a human hero in his suit, also like when he shouts in excitement when swinging around town.
4. The awkward funny scene: 

  1. Gwen Stacy: [opens the door to the hallway] No, Dad, I do not want cocoa. Honestly, I'm 17 years old.
  2. George Stacy: Okay, I just thought I remembered somebody saying last week that her fantasy was to live in a chocolate house.
  3. Gwen Stacy: Well, that's impractical! [she shuts the door, then reopens it] And fattening. [closes the door again]
  4. Peter Parker/Spider-Man: Chocolate house?
  5. 5. The storyline that portrays more of the background of Peter Parker's parents and the history of his orphanage which, I guess, will be an important point to the sequel.   

  6. Image from googleimages

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