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Friday, July 27, 2012

fresh work space

My new desk is finally up to use. I posted this months ago wishing for a new workspace and soon ordered a tailor-made desk. The finishing could have been better but for now, I can live with it :) I'm so glad to have new space to work outside my room. I get fresh air and bright sunlight in the morning from this spot. I'm still browsing for inspiration on how to decorate the desk without placing too many things there. What I'm mostly excited about is that some of my favorite things have a decent and nice place to sit now.

The eames chair I bought here. It finally has a good partner in the same color and sits with a lovely cushion I bought for 3 dollars at Mustafa Centre Singapore years ago. Also, the desk lamp from the husband, all out of the box and gets a spot.
My new gadget, Cisco Linksys EA4500 Router, which makes working a lot easier and organized. Actually, there's gonna be a whole post about this router and the things it can do (wait up). It really is a helpful solution for home networking. 

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