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Saturday, July 28, 2012

cisco's smart device

  I replaced my old Wi-Fi Router to the Cisco Linksys EA4500 by recommendation of a friend. It’s only been up and running for a week now but I can already tell you how charming it is.
First of all, the sleek design is pretty made to be shown off and be part of interior decoration. That’s why it sits nicely on my new desk rather than hidden underneath a shelve.
Secondly, it really is super easy to setup – even for a novice like me. Honestly, it didn’t take more than 15 minutes to setup.  
Third, and the best…other than router settings is the Cisco Connect Cloud solution it offers. This concept offers a great set of features and a completely new home networking experience. So, once you are connected to your router, simply sign in for an account at www.ciscoconnectcloud.com to enable you to use the Apps to your home network using your laptop, mobile device, or iPad. Better yet, you are then able to manage and change settings to all these customized features from anywhere you are aka when not at home. Fancy, eh?!

Long put short, the Connect Cloud allows you to 'play God' in your home network as you can monitor and filter traffic. As paranoid as it sounds, it actually has a plus. I can now limit guests who want to share the network at my home. Then, I can use the Parental Controls App to block certain websites I don’t want my kid to be seeing later on. Right now, my kid is only three years old and can’t access the internet yet, so I’m safe for a while. I can also set speed priority to streaming sites or real-time media services, on any device I chose to use, for best performance using the Media Prioritization App. Cool? I know!

Now, what more can I say? All I know is that I’m happy with this change and the connect cloud is a right on real solution for home networking. Go here for more info on this smart device. It’s a keeper! 

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