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Monday, February 2, 2015

terrarium task

when making, i got a little help from my two-year-old and Elmo
I thought I had to start the new year with something fresh. And greenery in a jar is no exception. So when I remembered this rather large abandoned fish bowl in my mother's kitchen rack, I thought I should give it a go. Moreover, since all the tutorials and steps in creating a terrarium seemed quite doable. So I collected the tools: succulents of my choice, rocks, pebbles, soil for cactus and succulent plants and educated myself through this how-to video

Caring tips for your terrarium:
- Place them in a space where they can get sunlight and far from a dark place or near the heat of electronic devices.
- Water once every ten days using a spraying technique, spraying only to the sides of the glass letting the water drip by itself. Spray until the whole aquarium glass is wet but not too wet so that the water is evenly distributed around the edges of the soil.
- Once in a while I let the whole terrarium sit in the sun. I think they like it!
- Wipe dust out of the glass once it gets dusty or dirty.

having a sun bath due to the gloomy weather these past weeks
 Not bad for my first try. I promise you don't need a green thumb to do this!

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