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Monday, March 22, 2010

old skool tin dining

Being the classic (or you may say old skool) me, these finds in Jogja last month were an excitement. These tin dinnerware are repros of the vintage tin plates that were popular in the year 1940 - 1970. You would most probably find a set of these plates in any home in Indonesia then. I didn't want to take my moms, so I thought I would go hunting to get my own set. I found mine at Toko Progo and there are soooo many varieties to chose from - the prints, size and functions. I took the cups picturing to drink tea out of, the bowl for mixing, the side plate to put on a table maybe, and the small bowls (that I assumed are supposed to be for washing hands in) for mixing icing. My mom gave me the-rolling-eye look for buying these, but she did give me a tip: don't drop them, unless you want a horrible black dent and chipped paint coming off.