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Saturday, December 31, 2011

a day at dufan

Dunia Fantasi amusement park at Ancol is still as fun as the last time I visited (approx 6 years ago) :) Last Tuesday was a nice sunny day and we thought it would be nice to take Fabian here and see what rides he could enjoy. Not much though, having his height be below 100 cm, whereas most rides have restrictions that the minimal height is 100cm. Not to worry, he still got a chance to ride the Gajah Mlbedug (Elephant Ride), Komidi Putar (Carrousel), Perahu Air (Water Boat), Istana Boneka (Doll Palace), and Rumah Miring (Crooked House). The husband tried some extreme water rides, but I myself have either grown to dislike a few (or maybe most) rides or am just plain 'chicken'. Overall it was a great day. We enjoyed the fun and heat!  

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