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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

spicy tofu #CPP1

I shall say this dish is great in many ways. It's healthy, simple, tasty and cheap :) I'm glad I found and mastered this recipe. Here's the video along with the recipe. I cut my tofu bigger than the ones in the video as I used the softer kind of tofu rather than the really firm kind. That way, the soft tofu would not easily break in to pieces. Both I'm sure taste as yum. At least now I can assure you that my tofu dish will not be the ordinary fried version. Many must agree with me that sesame oil and seeds makes it extra lovely.
Note: The image is not mine. My camera was snatched away by my husband to accompany him on a duty abroad. Won't be back in two weeks *sigh. The pics I attempted to take with my phone camera were awful - no bright sun light as well today. I hope I get better (phone camera) pics with the next two dishes. 

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